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Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Soundcloud Favorite- Rolando's (back in the D) mix by rolando-

90's detroit techno!!!!!

Direct Link - http://soundcloud.com/rolando000/rolandos-back-in-the-d-mix

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Soundcloud Favorite- Aran Daniels - Movement Detroit 2014 by paxahau

Direct Link - http://soundcloud.com/paxahau/aran-daniels-movement-detroit-2014

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New Soundcloud Favorite- SAES 'Still Standing' (Original) by GCR (NYC)

BEATPORT- http://btprt.dj/1tVOiGh TRAXSOURCE- http://bit.ly/1uZFmPn ITUNES- http://bit.ly/1uSIugP SAES drops ‘Still Standing’ for his debut release and GCR's third. The EP takes us on a journey into downbeat house and burns us through two originals that create an ethereal space within. They exude a personal character blending genre lines to develop a sound that is all his own. The odyssey begins with Still Standing, a piece with enough emotion to get you lost in your own plane of thought while you sit into the snares and swim in the bass. It continues with Mr. Lonely, a piece best summed up by its bittersweet vocal presence and floating hats. GCR fam Audioprophecy & Anton M. give Still Standing a house treatment with a purposeful deep vibe. Ataxia takes Still Standing left-of-center on a spacial journey of its own, revealed in its dubbed bassline and ominous synth lines. SAES is the musical equivalent of a run on sentence. Multiple ideas branching out in various directions, however, somehow capturing the essence in his mind. With a background in hip-hop and a musical taste ranging the gamut from motown soul to berlin techno, he is slowly piecing together the soundscape created in his head. If it can be sampled, chopped, looped, synthesized, crushed, reversed, pitched, destroyed, deconstructed, or recreated, then it will find its way into SAES' music. Enjoy GCR003. Support from DJ Three, My Favorite Robot, Jozif, Clint Stewart, Droog, Tone of Arc, Clayton Steele, The Mekanism, Dirty Culture, Wildkats, Him_Self_Her, Henry Saiz, Jonny Cruz, Silky, John Barera, Chris Luzz, The WIG & more.

Direct Link - http://soundcloud.com/gcr_music/gcr003-saes-still-standing

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pizza from scratch #Cooking

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pizza dough from scratch #Cooking